Daddy Gamer Episode 4 – The Last of Us

The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to Fathering!

Daddy Gamer Episode 4 – The Last of Us

The Last of Us, is such a great game! The narrative helps pull you into everything it has to offer. Though too intense to share with Lil’ Gamer I seriously connected with the heavy Father Daughter tones throughout. I was really into it from start to finish and can now see why it is so highly praised. It is an emotional roller coaster, I laughed, cried, and jumped my way through The Last of Us, and I am unashamed to say so.

Getting back into the swing of things and finishing up this episode has me excited for the future of Daddy Gamer. This show has become a really fun way to document each step of Lil’ Gamer’s life. Compared to previous episodes, seeing her now doing her own thing and being goofy while I try to review this game is so much fun. The best part of all this aside from time with her is going through the footage after shooting and watching everything she was up to and laughing. Her and I had a blast filming all the different scenes particularly when I chase her around “crouch-walking” like Joel.

Huge thanks to my friend David and his daughter, and my wife for helping shoot this episode. It was a really great time and I look forward to doing more. I couldn’t ask for a better crew! I also was gifted a capture card from a friend which made this episode possible, thanks Jennifer! Till next time, kids have fun, and parents, join them!

Unable to label, In a moment of particular brilliance realized that he could combine all of his major passions into one! Locking himself away in the den he went to work. Almost breaking under the pressure of self criticism he was finished… Thus Daddy Gamer was born!

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