Hands-on with Halo 5: Guardians Story (Spoilers) Part 1

Hands-on with Halo 5: Guardians Story (Spoilers) Part 1

So at this time I’ve been able to beat the entire game of Halo 5: Guardians and I know many of you reading this may wonder how long it took. Those who tend to have the game early ALWAYS hear that, but in the end it’s up to you or as myself if I wanted to speed through the game on an easy difficulty or get my butt kicked playing Legendary (Solo) and take a long time to beat it. I’ll most likely repeat every mission on Legendary in the coming days, but for now I played the entire game on Normal.

Reading below this text you’ll most likely see some MINOR spoilers for the first two missions. It’s your choice to read below, but I’ve limited to how much details I give.

Halo 5: Guardians is the new love child from 343 Industries, and they’re back with a new adventure with Master Chief and Locke. What’s going on, what’s happening? You’ll need to play the full game to find out the entire story, but I will say it’s an interesting one. If you’re like me and got your start on Halo via the Xbox you’ve been able to follow the story that has gone on over the years. This ranges from learning what the Halo rings are, what they do, who the forerunners were as well as other events within the history of Halo. While I know some reading this may have never played a Halo game you may want to pick up Halo: Master Chief Collection and play through the entire game with friends or by yourself so you know what’s going on.

From the moment of booting up the game I was excited to play to see what 343 has done with the story any boy was I in for a surprise. Starting off the game you’ll play as (Fireteam Osiris) with Locke and his team. You’re tasked to go in and save Dr. Halsey from an enemy whom we’ve met in a past Halo game who we all know as the Covenant, but that isn’t it we’re fighting the Promethean’s as well. If you do remember the ending of Halo 4 the Promethean’s are active throughout most of the game all due to Master Chief whom found a Forerunner ship. I will not go into details of Halo 4 for those who’ve yet to play and/or beat the game. Let’s get back into the first mission of Halo 5: Guardians. The level itself is extensive and offers quite a play-thru if you’re working on Legendary it’s going to take some time. I’ll state now that Legendary in this game is something you shouldn’t take lightly. While I do have other press friends and myself being able to beat a few levels they’ve made sure to give you a lot to think about before coming around that next corner. The first level was quite fun to play and is something I’d come back to for co-op or to really challenge myself when going on a solo Legendary run.

The next mission starts off with Master Chief and his team (Blue team) where you’re going after the assets of an abandoned ship, but little do you know the covenant is on the ship as well. The level itself is long and offers some great times and big battle moments. After a while on the ship and a few battles with enemies you’ll learn that a few other unwelcome guests, are lurking around the ship ready to blow your head off, but that’s not until later within the level. After quite some time in the level Master Chief hallucinates about Cortana and a series of events, but this leaves to question how is Cortana “contacting” Master Chief due to the events of Halo 4. Who knows, but what does this mean for both Locke and Master Chief?

The third mission will continue with Fireteam Osiris after the events of the second mission within Halo 5. This is where I’ll be stopping in terms of the hands-on with the game itself since I feel anything past the second mission will be in an area of major spoilers that I want you the readers to find out on October 27th. Above doesn’t hurt you as much in terms of being told what’s going on so far. Now if you’ve had the chance to watch live streams such as the ones I’ve done or by other press/streamers then you’ll know what’s going on within Mission 3. While I would love to talk on the information on Mission 8 in this preview as well it’ll also fall along with my reason of not talking about Mission 3. For now I ask, Why is Master Chief seeing Cortana after the events of Halo 4 and why is Locke after Master Chief?

You can expect a Part 2 of our Halo 5: Guardians preview coverage after we’ve had some time with Multiplayer, which Oct. 22nd around noon is when you’ll see many press streaming Warzone and Arena. You can watch my live stream on www.twitch.tv/sfx_acidic if you want to. You’ll be sure to see below update with a link directing you to Part 2 below.

If you want to watch the play-thru of Missions 1-3 you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS2qQqvjJSs&list=PLyx7uAFlUglhCbWHlcdH2-MGoKflGhTfM.


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