Androids Come To Life In This Call of Duty Black Ops III Easter Egg

Androids Come To Life In This Call of Duty Black Ops III Easter Egg

I have always been impressed with the easter eggs that Call of Duty has been able to pull off. They have another big one.

As you may or may not know, in the Call of Duty Block Ops 3 map Nuketown 2065, there are androids that litter the map. If you shoot all of their heads off within two minutes, they will run after you like the zombies do in the zombie mode of the game.


Some have called this next one a Doctor Who reference due to the similarities of the Weeping Angels from the show. If you do the same thing on the same map, but instead of shooting off the heads, you shoot off the arms, the androids will come to life, but remain motionless. If you look away they will move towards you, look back, they are closer. Yes, they can kill you. Yes, they will hunt you down. And yes, it is creepy as Hell. And I love it.

Doctor Who

Check out “chaosxsilencer” ‘s video below to see this in action, then try it out for yourselves!

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