Stupid Dot Game Hands-On Impressions

Stupid Dot Game Hands-On Impressions

One of the more simple and fun experiences we had the Ohio Game Developer Expo was one of the only mobile game at the show. Stupid Dot Game dragged us in with great music, a clean and bright color palette, and that familiar feeling of wanting one more try.

Stupid Dot Game is the next great time waster that just released for iOS on November 5th. The developer Marco Cardenas stated that bathroom breaks will never be the same again. Imagine if the Nintendo games Wario Ware Inc. and Brain Age had a love child. This is what Cardenas had in mind with Stupid Dot Game.

The game is made up of four mini-game types that rotate between the titles Enter the Code, Follow the Dot, Tap the Dots, and Awareness.The cycle is random and some playthroughs will be easier than others which can really keep a person motivated to get a new high score. Don’t worry about slipping up or failing on a random minigame. There is one free continue per playthrough but that is all the forgiveness you will get. Not only can you try to beat your own high scores, but with the in-game leaderboards, challenge your friends or everyone in the world to who is the best at tapping those stupid dots.

As of right now, Stupid Dot Game is only available for Apple devices with iOS 6.0 and higher. SDG is scheduled to be released for Android devices Q2 of 2016. Keep on the lookout because there may be ways to beta test the android version in the coming months.The iTunes download link is provided below. If you’re enjoying the game or have any feedback feel free to leave us a comment.

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