Ark: Survival Evolved gets Release Date and Price

Ark: Survival Evolved gets Release Date and Price

As someone who’s been playing Ark: Survival Evolved on PC I’ve always been excited for the Xbox One release. Well now you can cheer since the release date and price has been announced via IGN. However, this will not be the “Full Game” the release will be via the Xbox One early access. Now let’s get onto the news you all want to know about!

While Ark: Survival Evolved has been doing great on PC with 2.4 million Early Access customers, what will the Xbox One version bring? It has been stated that the game will be released on Xbox One on December 16th for $34.99.

“Our goal is to bring all this chaotic and creative spontaneous fun – the tribe building, dino-breeding, dino-combat, the weapons-, armor-, food-, and recipe-crafting, and more – to Xbox One fans with no compromises,” he told us when we asked if we should expect any differences from the PC version. “Through all of this, we hope to help Microsoft build out Xbox Game Preview while giving Xbox One gamers something totally new and different than the standard updated version of old franchises. Gamers want new experiences on their consoles, and we feel that ARK, which is one of the few dinosaur games on the market, and one of the only, if not the only true multiplayer survival games on console, will bring that fresh gaming experience that helps define this generation.”

IGN stats that Jess Rapczak, co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard that while the users who purchased the game at the 34.99 price you’ll be able to download the game once it’s the “full game”. However, after release the price will go up. For more information on Ark: Survival Evolved keep your eyes on Marooners’ Rock. You’ll be seeing a lot of coverage from us on the Xbox One version.

Source: IGN

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