Put Your Guild Wars 2 Skills to the Test with the First PvP League!

Put Your Guild Wars 2 Skills to the Test with the First PvP League!

On the heels of their latest expansion, ArenaNet has announced another new test of players skills. Starting today, the Guild Wars 2 community can gather in groups and pit themselves against other teams to gain gold, items, titles, achievements, rankings, and bragging rights as they battle through 6 divisions.

To compete, players must have a group of 5 and enroll in the Guild Challenger League. Performance is tracked and rated so you can follow your team, and any other rivals (for the extra bit of motivation). Guild teams will be matched against teams of similar skill and ranking, crushing through the six divisions (Amber to Legendary), but ratings will degrade over time. If you plan on jumping in during this 7-week season, make sure your guild is ready to top the charts!

The current top eight teams are in the midst of season one of the Guild Wars 2 Pro League, but this new season will allow the top 2 teams in the Guild Challenger League to win a promotion to the Pro League, assuming they can beat the two lowest placed teams in a playoff. This means your guild could rocket into the Pro League and get a chance at a piece of the $200,000 prize pool.

So, gather you teams, jump in, and good luck! More information about these new systems can be found in the previously published PvP Leagues blogpost from associate director, John Corpening.

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