Are You Ready to Fight Off Robot Alien Invaders?

Are You Ready to Fight Off Robot Alien Invaders?

Do you need more tower defense in your life? Are you a third-person shooter fan that likes some additional strategy? Well, Fortified will help you scratch your itch!

Indie dev Clapfoot is setting loose an alien armada of robots on players starting February 3. The game blends tower defense elements as you build barriers and fortify weapons to protect the city, and third-person shooter gameplay as you fight off the invaders on a personal level. The 1950 aesthetic provides players with Cold War era weapons and technology in their quest to protect Earth.

“We’ve always been interested in the strategy elements of tower defense games, but we felt the genre had become repetitive and it seemed gamers did too,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot. “By adding co-op and third-person shooter mechanics into Fortified, we are making a fresh approach to the genre and giving players a more robust playing experience that will change what they think about tower defense games.”

Take a look at the launch trailer below!


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