Daddy Gamer Episode 5 – Chariot

Daddy Gamer Episode 5 – Chariot

This was a game that was a blast to play and review! The entire family got in on it, whether they were playing or not! Frima definitely created something special in their lighthearted yet challenging platformer. Chariot is casual enough for someone to just play through and enjoy the visuals but offers plenty of optional challenges that will grit the teeth of the hardiest players.

Making this episode was fun. We spent Christmas day as a family shooting most of the footage. It was a really nice time together. The biggest obstacle of this video was the weather! First there wasn’t any snow, and then once we did have snow it got too cold out for awhile to go outside!

This was a silly fun project for Lil’ Gamer and I, and I hope that shows and you enjoy it too!

Unable to label, In a moment of particular brilliance realized that he could combine all of his major passions into one! Locking himself away in the den he went to work. Almost breaking under the pressure of self criticism he was finished… Thus Daddy Gamer was born!

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