February’s Games with Gold Free Game for Xbox One Possibly Leaked

February’s Games with Gold Free Game for Xbox One Possibly Leaked

If you’re like me you enjoy a free game each month, right? Of course we have those cry babies saying put in a good game or a huge title. First let me point out to you people being cry babies over free games. It’s FREE GAMES! So just sit down and enjoy a free game. Plus, I want you to sit back and think you’re finally getting a chance to check out a indie developers game. A lot of hard work and love was put into the game. Let’s get onto the big news!

Good news. There may have been a hiccup from Microsoft that revealed the first Xbox One Games with Gold release for February. Hope you like Card RPGs. Hand of Fate is a rogue-like action RPG with a deck-building gameplay system. It was developed by an independent studio called Defiant Development and released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in February 2015. You can see our review here.

That’s right, Hand of Fate is currently rumored to be the first game released. Screenshots have been shared that show Hand of Fate free with Gold. Being the end of the month, we are due for the announcement of free games, so it is possible it just jumped the gun, but it could also be a clever photoshop for attention and troll points. Only time will tell, but if it is true, I cannot wait!

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  • IamTylerDurden1

    Garbage, a card game

    • Chuck Green

      While I agree, I’m not a fan of card based games. There may be some who could enjoy this.

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