Help Release a New Game by Playing Twitch Plays Punch Club

Help Release a New Game by Playing Twitch Plays Punch Club

In an incredibly unusual move, Russian developer Lazy Bear Games, paired with Seattle-based indie publisher tinyBuild, have decided that to leave the release date of their boxing simulator Punch Club up to players, with one caveat; the game must be conquered by Twitch users first.


The play through will take a queue from the famous Twitch Plays Pokemon by having users vote via hashtag to decide the next move in the game. Considering the game is completely foreign to players, there is certainly going to be a learning curve, but tinyBuild has faith in the community. Of course, if Twitch can’t beat the game, the, according to tinyBulid “Maybe we’ll just never get to launch the game. That would be a bummer, but hey, we’re willing to take that risk.”


As an added bonus, whenever users win a fight, a Steam code will be dropped into chat, making the playthrough about intellect and physical speed (assuming you want a code). Regardless of whether Twitch can conquer the game, this is certainly a unique way to promote and release a game. So, good luck Twitch users, we are counting on you!

You can join the fun over at Twitch right now.

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