Party Chat Now Broadcasts with Twitch App on Xbox One

Party Chat Now Broadcasts with Twitch App on Xbox One

Do you stream on Twitch via your Xbox One and have always wished others in your stream could hear your party? SAY NO MORE! For a while today I’ve seen many of my Twitter followers posting to see if the “Rumor” that party chat now works with the Twitch app on Xbox One. What do I mean by that? Let’s get into this excited news that we weren’t told was in the update.

As you can see below that picture started showing up all over my feed and by followers on Twitter. Oddly, you see that it states that the party is being broadcast, which of course means the twich app. Moments go I decided to test this out and noticed when you happen to broadcast with friends in a party it states that you are now streaming and that your party is now being broadcast on twitch. Yes, this means you don’t have to sound like a crazy person talking to yourself. While I just tested this moments  ago on twitch I can confirm that the rumor is no longer a rumor and it is REAL. I had my good friend just talk away as I ran to my PC to see if I can hear him. Now I can’t wait to stream Ark: Survival Evolved and other games so everyone can hear us or even join that stream.


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  • Michael William Long

    Is there away to turn the party chat cove up cause I can barely hear my party using this feature

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