Pocket Mortys Full Morty Guide/List

Pocket Mortys Full Morty Guide/List

With the release of Pocket Mortys coming to a mobile device near you. we here at Marooners’ Rock have spent a lot of time playing. Now if you’re like any try collector you’ll want to know of the entire list of Mortys you can capture within the game.

While some other sites may be close to obtaining a full list I’ve spent a lot of time in-game Evolving and defeating Ricks to find them out just for you. So here is our guide that features all 82 Mortys for you. We’ve marked Mortys whom evolve into the Morty listed under it with a Star (*). You can evolve a Morty by simply finding two fo the same characters. One Morty will only evolve once you get it to Level 20 in-game. Can you guess which one? Also, while this is the full list we’re still missing Morty # 80 so if you figure out whom it is please comment below.

The Pocket Mortys List:

2Scruffy Morty*RockYes
3Unkempt Morty*RockYes
4Hobo MortyRockNo
5Old Morty*PaperYes
6Geriatric Morty*PaperYes
7Ancient MortyPaperNo
8Rabbit Morty*ScissorsYes
9Evil Rabbit MortyScissorsNo
10No Eye Morty*PaperYes
11One Eye Morty*PaperYes
12Three Eye MortyPaperNo
13Test X1 Morty*PaperYes
14Test X46 Morty*PaperYes
15Test X72 MortyPaperNo
16Self Defense Morty*RockYes
17Karate Morty*RockYes
18No Mercy MortyRockNo
19Mustache Morty*ScissorsYes
20Beard Morty*ScissorsYes
21Hipster MortyScissorsNo
22Ad Space Morty*PaperYes
23Jerry’s Game Morty*PaperYes
24Pocket Mortys MortyPaperNo
25Blue Shirt MortyPaperNo
26Red Shirt MortyPaperNo
27Orange Shirt MortyPaperNo
28Green Shirt MortyPaperNo
29Purple Shirt MortyPaperNo
30Rainbow Shirt MortyPaperNo
31Exo-Alpha Morty*ScissorsYes
32Exo-Omega Morty*ScissorsYes
33Exo-Prime MortyScissorsNo
34Spoon Morty*RockYes
35Fork Morty*RockYes
36Spork MortyRockNo
37Peace Morty*PaperYes
38Hippie Morty*PaperYes
39Off The Grid MortyPaperNo
40Big Head Morty*RockYes
41Giant Head Morty*RockYes
42Colossal Head MortyRockNo
43Spooky Morty*PaperYes
44Ghostly Morty*PaperYes
45Phantom MortyPaperNo
46Double Morty*ScissorsYes
47Triple Morty*ScissorsYes
48Multi MortyScissorsNo
49Greaser Morty*RockYes
50Biker MortyRockNo
51Stray Cat Morty*ScissorsYes
52Two Cat Morty*ScissorsYes
53Crazy Cat MortyScissorsNo
54Buff Morty*RockYes
55Wrestler MortyRockNo
56Veiny Morty*ScissorsYes
57No Skin Morty*ScissorsYes
58Skeleton MortyScissorsNo
59Magic Morty*RockYes
60Mystic Morty*RockYes
61Wizard MortyRockNo
62Telepathic Morty*ScissorsYes
63Telekinetic Morty*ScissorsYes
64Psychokinetic MortyScissorsNo
65Swimmer Morty*RockYes
66Mermaid Morty*RockYes
67Reverse Mermaid MortyRockNo
68Business MortyPaperNo
69Gaseous MortyRockNo
70Sausage MortyScissorsNo
71Shadow MortyScissorsNo
72Aqua MortyPaperNo
73Cyclops MortyScissorsNo
74Mini MortyRockNo
75Cowbow MortyPaperNo
76Robot Morty ScissorsNo
77Hammerhead MortyRockNo
78Guard MortyScissorsNo
79Cronenberg MoryNormalNo
80Mascot MortyPaperNo
81Egg Morty*RockYes
82The One True MortyRockNo
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