UnEpic Xbox One Code Giveaway

UnEpic Xbox One Code Giveaway

While many of you know we love running giveaways and giving you our loyal viewers a chance to win great things. These things could include games, controllers, tech and so forth, but as you can guess we’re here with yet another upcoming Xbox One game. We’re here with the game UnEpic, which has been released on PC and WiiU already. Very soon it will be released on Xbox One and we’re here to grant a few of you a copy of the game. So you may be thinking how many codes? While I’ll admit and say we have four copies to grant we’ll be giving away two via this giveaway and on release day another two Xbox One codes.

Now many of you already know all the steps to jump through so just click on the widget below and get going. Make sure to look at the “comment” entry a lot of you just comment without reading what it asks you to answer. Also, you’ll be able to do the tweet entry daily for an extra entry. If you’re new to Marooners’ Rock we’d like to welcome you and hope you stick around to check out our news, reviews and so much more. You can keep up to date with us HERE as well. Without going on and babbling away the widget has been provided below so good luck to all who enter.

UnEpic Xbox One Code Giveaway

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  • VGC Juggernaut1


  • Faceless Knights

    An Old Wrench, Baby Bottle and a Spatula.

  • agbavna

    Torch, sword and shield 🙂 @agbavna

  • Alan Pettit

    Torch, Mace, and Health Potions. “_ThePantsParty” on Twitter.

  • Mark Foerster

    I would bring a lightsaber. Honestly that’s probably all I’d need, but I suppose I will thrown in some food and water. @LegendaryMarvel

  • Meadow Rogers

    I would bring a trusty follower, weapon, and torch! I get scared when I go in caves and dungeons.

  • Stephanie Davis

    I’d bring a torch, matches, and a hunting knife! @moonandstar311 on twitter

  • Cole Martin

    A hatchet, a flashlight, and a sock. (Don’t ask questions. :p @eternalrhage)

  • I would take a torch, bits of scrap paper & as everyone should know, you never leave home without a towel.

  • William O’Hryn-Miles

    flashlight, knife, and water bottle w/water @ohryn32

  • mowmow

    torch, companion, and maps @aznxchunky

  • Westley

    Gun food flash light

  • Axel Gomez

    A compass, an apple and my trusty AK-47 :3

  • keklar

    To explore a dungeon I would want a torch, a sword, and a shovel! Pretty sure that would cover most situations 😉

  • rann

    Torch, sword and shield

  • The most Unepic giveaway ever.

  • dkero

    torch, shield & food @jarellan0

  • Sarah Grace

    Crossbow, hunting knife, and portable water filtration device. @nai13omb

  • Cmaxey

    Torch, sword and shield

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    Flashlight, multi-tool, and rope

  • Rob Hestar

    A friend,A pet dragon and links sword that shoots other swords out!


    Busty wench, cheese sandwich and my trusty crowbar.

  • Keith Jolley

    A gun,friend and flashlight

  • Adric Morrison

    Torch, potions & sword @dragon_bill7

  • Chronorayven

    A flaming sword, A shield and a machine gun


  • Mikey

    Sword, shield, and torch


  • Meteora Cedric

    A torchlight, a sandwich, and a Portal gun. 🙂

    Thank you @Marooners_Rock 🙂

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