Console Players, Get Ready To Party Hard!

Console Players, Get Ready To Party Hard!

For disciples of Andrew W.K., there is ALWAYS a party going on. However, sometimes it you just can’t get up the energy, but you still need to get your fix. Thankfully, tinyBuild Games is here for us!


Their cult hit Party Hard is finally hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. Party Hard was a cult hit on Steam last year, selling close to 100,000 units, with a positive rating of 90%. For those that haven’t seen the game, it is a party murder simulator. Yes, a party murder simulator. And it is everything you expect! The console version will also launch with the “After-Party” DLC for free.


In Party Hard, your neighbors are having a raucous party, and the local authorities don’t care one bit, so it’s up to you to murder the party-goers and finally get a good nights rest. To accomplish this you will have to infiltrate the party through dance, drink, and conversation. Murder isn’t the only calamity either. Who knows when the DEA, a SWAT team, or a wild bear might break up the party. Over the top, ridiculous, and hilarious, Party Hard is absolutely picking up.

And the cherry on top of this release is the availability for players to stream the game on Twitch and let the audience enter commands so they can take part in the carnage as well! An official release date should be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

Having spent his youth avoiding the outdoors, which is where scary things are, Adam became entrenched in games and the gaming world at a young age. Deciding to use his minor talent for squishing words together to justify his gaming lust, Adam will find just about any excuse to talk or rant about games, especially if you disagree with him.

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