DiRT Rally Developer Diary Takes Players on a Ride to the Game’s Release on Consoles

DiRT Rally Developer Diary Takes Players on a Ride to the Game’s Release on Consoles

Codemasters and Deepsilver have released a developer dairy for DiRT Rally. Fans can see the team discuss key features that will make the game successful and talk about its release on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on April.

Fans of the DiRT series can watch the developer dairy at youtube.com/dirtgame or you can simply watch the video provided in this post as well.

The video goes into details on how the Dirt Rally’s Steam Early Access program and the feedback from the DiRT community helped shape the game immensely. They also mention how this game is going back to its Collin McRae game roots. The developers also explain the grueling process it was on making the game’s courses. They want the players have a wide variety of stages but they also want the players to be engaged and focus on each track.

Players can pre-order the limited DiRT Rally Legendary edition. This includes the Fully Loaded Mini Pack and Fully Loaded Ford Pack. Players will have fully upgraded MINI Cooper S and Ford Escort MK2 from the beginning of game along with a few other perks. Players who pre-order the game digital will receive both these bonus along with Mini Classic Rallycross.

DiRT Rally is available now on Steam and will be making its way to consoles on April 5.

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