Is Mother 3 Being Released on Virtual Console? Sounds Like a Yes!

Is Mother 3 Being Released on Virtual Console? Sounds Like a Yes!

Long ago there was a little RPG called Earthbound. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Despite low sales at its release, the game has exploded in popularity due to a dedicated fan base, the rising interest in JRPGs in the West, and the intoxication of nostalgia. While a copy for the original SNES will run upwards of two hundred dollars, the game has been made available through Nintendo’s Virtual Console. This renewed interest has inspired Nintendo to release Mother 3, the third installment in the Earthbound series, on Virtual Console in celebration of its 10th anniversary.



The news came via Twitter and Reddit, and was later corroborated by Eurogamer. A source also revealed that the game is in the final stages of localization over at Nintendo of Europe. The source for twitter stated, “Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year,” Nintendo tipster Emily Rogers wrote, before posting a picture of Mother character Kumatora. Her account has now been deleted.

While there is no definitive date for the release, it’s safe to assume it will be close to the 10 year mark of release, so expect to (hopefully) see it sometime in April.

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