Loot Crate: Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Overview

Loot Crate: Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Overview

Over the past few months, Loot Crate has been working on a few special packages outside of their usual monthly offerings, including crates based on franchises like Call of Duty, Fallout 4 and Nintendo’s amiibo line-up. However, for fans of the previously released Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars Limited Edition Crate really takes the cake.

Available for purchase here for $100 (https://www.lootcrate.com/specialty_crates/star-wars-crate), the crate includes nine special items that truly cater to Star Wars fans. And while my review bundle didn’t include all of them (it was missing the Darth Vader Variant comic and the Kylo Ren ship model), what was included more than made up for it.

Along with a Millennium Falcon shaped card that runs down the contents, here’s what the package includes:

Loot Crate Exclusive BB8 Raglan Tee – Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about this item is that it doesn’t come in the usual orange and white BB-8 colors, but rather blue and yellow with grey sleeves. It’s purely a baseball-style long-sleeve jersey with excellent design and quality, and a must for fans that want to show their love for the little Droid in their own special way.

Pop Taters Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head – This cool little Potato Head is great to show off on a shelf, complete with a little Tater Saber (I guess that’s the name of it) and top-notch quality. It’s very cool to put on your shelf.

Loot Crate Exclusive Rebel Alliance Gadget Pouch – This is a neat little bag that enables you to carry small items in it, with a front zip pocket and side handle. It’s ideal for something like your 3DS or PS Vita. Plus, the inner material is loaded with trademarks from the Star Wars series, done in stylish fashion brands.

The Star Wars Little Golden Book Library – If you’ve never checked out the Little Golden Books for the Star Wars brand, you’re missing out, as these recreate events from the first six films in the series in pure readable fashion. They’re great for young readers, and those that are young at heart.

Loot Crate Exclusive Star Wars Jacquard Scarf – If you’re gearing up for winter weather, then this scarf is a must, as it’s long and absolutely beautiful with its Star Wars design. Plus it’s made with utmost quality, so you’ll be able to get through the busiest snowstorm with ease (provided you have a jacket as well, of course).

Loot Crate Exclusive Star Wars AT-AT Walker Beanie – Like the scarf, this beanie is pretty cool, with a little puffball on top and great materials to keep your head warm. Plus, AT-AT’s – perfect for snowball fights!

Kylo Ren Meg – Last but not least, one of three different mugs is available in the bundle, and we ended up getting one based on the new villain from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This mug is absolutely pristine and ideal for coffee drinkers in the morning that can’t get enough Star Wars.

Overall, even with the missing items (the final package is complete, so don’t fret missing out on anything), this Star Wars bundle is an absolute value for those that can’t get enough of the series. Head over here (https://www.lootcrate.com/specialty_crates/star-wars-crate) to order one for yourself!

Robert Workman is a veteran who’s worked for many sites over the years, including GameCrate, AOL GameDaily and Segadojo. When he’s not playing video games, he’s enjoying a fine craft beer and talking about how much Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to rock. Oh, yeah, and his game shirt collection rocks.

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