New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2016

New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2016

News source just dropped a major bomb, a CoD bomb if you will. Fraghero received an image by reader Mari Fernett that depicts a magazine, Games tm, that covers the most wanted titles of 2016. In the pages? Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 with a release date of November 2016, developed by Infinity Ward.

(We’re not really shocked since most Call of Duty games tend to release in November.)


Call of Duty

In the beginning of February, the new Call of Duty was confirmed by Infinity Ward after an investors call revealed they would be the developers of the next CoD, with no title/tie to previous Call of Duty games. If this leak is true, it will follow the pattern of CoD releases. Now, the long wait to see if these reports are true. What do you think of this information? Share your thoughts below.

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