PAX South 2016 Preview – Western Press

PAX South 2016 Preview – Western Press

Do you think you’re a quick time event master? Western Press wants to put your skills to the test. While I have fond memories of being quick on the draw in Kirby Super Star on my Super Nintendo, this puts a new twist to the showdown duel mini-game that gets the competitive juices flowing.

This is definitely one of those games where win, lose or draw both players will be left saying “one more match.” You can check out the game in the trailer below

The game has a simple concept of playing a series of best of three matches to see who can press a random string of 10 button inputs the fastest with each round lasting an average of four seconds. A winner is decided in each duel by a mixture of speed and accuracy so don’t be too quick on the trigger. The game options are completely customizable so that the amount of button inputs in a round and amount of button inputs in a round can be set to anything the players desire. Just imagine a best of 11 with 100 button inputs per round. I can see some intense matches happening. The amazing twist to Western press is that a controller is not your only option. Plug in your favorite dance pad and try out some random accuracy with your feet. For some of you, all of the time on DDR will have a new use!

You can expect more hands-on time in the future. Western Press is developed by Surprise Attack Games based in Melbourne, Australia. The game is set to release on PC and MAC and will release later this year. 

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