Red Dead Redemption, Symphony of the Night, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and More Coming to Xbox One BC?

Red Dead Redemption, Symphony of the Night, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and More Coming to Xbox One BC?

As you all remember not long ago Left 4 Dead 2 appeared on the Xbox One for some that you could install the game if digital copy. I happened to post a quick video on YouTube on how to obtain Left 4 Dead 2 if you had a digital copy, but since that time Xbox has patched and blocked those of us that downloaded the game from playing.  Now from Wario64 on twitter has shared that a user on NeoGaf has posted that they can install Red Dead Redemption and a few other games show up as well unlike before.


Personally, I’m not sure if the pictures are real, but as I posted with Left 4 Dead 2 showing up it wouldn’t shock me if these pictures below are indeed real. As many of you know RDR has been one of the top games many of us including us here at Marooners’ Rock have been waiting for. We’d like to know what you happen to think on this? Do you think the pictures are real or fake?

Even though post is NOT live since I’m still working on this… Reports have come in that the Red Dead picture is real, but going to work on my end to confirm that. Reports are coming in that you’ll need a digital copy to install it same as Left 4 Dead 2 before Xbox Patched it.

If you own Red Dead digitally, boot up your Xbox One.

  • Go to the Find a Friend option in the Friends menu.
  • Search for “RockoHoward” — this is important.
  • Once you find that user, view his profile.
  • Tab over to his following list.
  • Sort by just “Games” not “Friends & games.”
  • Find Red Dead Redemption.
  • Click on “See in store.”
  • The “Install” prompt should appear for you.



Update:  READ DEAD IS CONFIRMED REAL! Picture below!


Update 2: Alan Wake American Nightmare you can download too! Just search my GamerTag H2o Acidic and look at my following games. Enjoy! Spoke with user who found this who allowed me to follow the game.

Alan Wake game

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