The BioShock Collection Rated for PS4 and Xbox One

The BioShock Collection Rated for PS4 and Xbox One

I got my very first Xbox 360 later than most people I knew. I got it August of 2007. The game I got for it? BioShock; and what a game. Since it was my first trip into the new generation, I was overwhelmed by not only how phenomenal the voice acting and story were, but the graphics were game changing. The airplane scene in the beginning after the crash made me hold my breath. It was amazing, and not in the “wow, I just won MvP, how amazing” sense, but the actual amazing, with actual loss of breath and jaw dropping. Now, fast forward to 2016.

The Brazilian Advisory rating board has dropped a bombshell. “Bioshock: The Collection.” Even though 2K hasn’t said anything about it, and Irrational Games shut down back in 2014, there is still hope. The BARB rated this title for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. What intrigues me the most, is that there are ratings for 360 and PS3, even though these games have been released. This makes me wonder if there are graphical overhauls (especially for the current gen versions) and other additional features that were not originally included. Even though I am less than thrilled to play through BioShock 2 (How did it go so wrong?), I am so exhilarated to have an overhaul of my first walk into next generation almost 10 years ago.

We’ve reached out to 2K games to find out more information and will update this post if they get back to us.

Doug bashes his fists against the keyboard and eventually a piece of video is made, sometimes it is even funny. Some of his gaming accomplishments are: completing a living Pokedex on the Pokebank, 1000 pointing BCFX: Black College Football: The X-perience: the Doug Williams Edition, and only crying five times during the Kingdom Hearts series.

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