The Division Gets 60 FPS PC Trailer

The Division Gets 60 FPS PC Trailer

Ubisoft’s newest game, Tom Clancy’s The Division, has been causing a lot of commotion recently. The game is due out on March 8th, and it has had multiple successful Beta weekends over the past month. According to The Division Zone, last week’s open Beta was checked out by 6.4 million, yes MILLION, players. Average time spent in Beta? Five hours. Yeah, those are some crazy impressive numbers.

The game takes place after a pandemic sweeps NYC on Black Friday. The virus causes panic, which in turn makes basic services fall. Without communications, food or water, society almost completely implodes. This is where you come in. You are a member of The Division, a tactical group that is activated to investigate the source of the virus, and reclaim the city from panic.

While I only got a taste of the Beta due to time constraints and bad download speeds, it was still an interesting take on a genre we all know and love. The game is a third person MMO title, where you work with friends to take the enemy down. The game is both PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). Many players compare it to Bungie’s title Destiny, but it has its differences, ranging from camera style, to content, to how the PvP is handled. Instead of traditional multiplayer matches, players encounter what is known as the Dark Zone. Here, you will encounter players who can befriend or betray you. You will find great items, but if you fail to extract them before death, you will lose all gained items. It is a fascinating concept.

But enough listening to me talk about it, check out the new 60FPS PC trailer for The Division, available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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