We’re giving away a Batman Arkham Origins: Black Mask Arsenal Replica from Project Triforce

We’re giving away a Batman Arkham Origins: Black Mask Arsenal Replica from Project Triforce

Hello Everyone! We here at Marooners’ Rock enjoy providing you our loyal readers news, reviews and much more. Within the past hour I did a live unboxing of the Black Mask Arsenal from Project Triforce, which the video is below for those of you that want to watch it. (Please be warned that Twitch decided to mute the first part of me taking boxes out of boxes. No worries though I have it starting at the good part.) After watching it please by all means tell me what you think of the awesome item. Also, be sure to thank Project Triforce on Twitter! They’ll be happy to hear from you that you’re excited as much as we are.

However, after watching the video you’ll of course hear the announcement and read it here. If you’ve guessed it… we’re going to be giving away the Black Mask Arsenal, which retails for $400.00 from Project Triforce. No we’re not crazy! Is Project Triforce crazy, maybe. (They aren’t really crazy, just create some awesome replicas of many of the games you and I enjoy.) Do I really like the replica put together to my right in which I have to put back in the box? YES. Will I be happy when one of you loyal readers win it? YES.

Now I know you’re wondering when this giveaway will go live, right? Well it’s not going to be today since I’ll be needing to work on the page for the giveaway so please watch us on Facebook and Twitter for when we announce the giveaway page is live in the coming days and/or weeks. I will say for now this giveaway once live will go on for a month and will include many ways of obtaining an entry. For now feel free to talk in the comments below in regards to this giveaway. What do you like most about Batman? We want to hear all your thoughts in regards to Batman.


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  • Jack

    That Black Mask is seriously kick arse! Awesome awesome awesome!

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