Wizard World and ASUS Team Up for the Upcoming Convention Tour

Wizard World and ASUS Team Up for the Upcoming Convention Tour

There is a great deal of excrement about Wizard World’s upcoming convention tour, especially with the inclusion of Tekken 7, and now even more information is being outlined before the kickoff in Portland on February 19-21.

Turns out that those taking part in eSports, including casual tournaments for Tekken 7, will be playing on ASUS monitors. ASUS has partnered with Wizard World to provide the visual portion of experience.

Obviously the partnership is beneficial to both sides, especially for ASUS. As eSport tournaments become wider reaching, the computer giant is making sure to make their mark on the culture. Not only can attendee’s experience the games, they get to test out potential new monitors. It certainly seems like the ideal audience for such a play.

The Wizard World convention tour is comprised of 18 events this year, covering pop culture, movies, television, cosplay, comics, gaming, and more. They will also be live streaming competitions during 10 of the events: Portland, Ore. (Feb. 19-21); St. Louis (April 1-3); Minneapolis (May 6-8); Philadelphia (June 2-5); Sacramento , Calif. (June 17-19); Columbus, Ohio (July 29-31); Orlando, Fla. (August 5-7); Chicago (August 18-21); Austin, Texas (September 23-25); and Pittsburgh (November 4-6). The entire list of dates can be found here.

Remember, if you are attending an event, feel free to shoot us a message with your experiences!

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