WWE 2K16 Grapples Its Way to PC This March

WWE 2K16 Grapples Its Way to PC This March

Wrestlemania is just around the corner, and 2K Sports is preparing for it in the best way possible – with a Windows PC release of its wrestling hit WWE 2K16.

The company confirmed that the port will make its way to the format starting March 11th for the price of $49.99, and will feature quite the extensive roster, including wrestlers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena, as well as The Terminator in a couple of different guises.

In addition, the game will also include all its respective DLC right in the package, including wrestlers like Samoa Joe and more. Fans can also create their own superstars, in case they feel like having “dream matches” with favorites that aren’t already on the list.

So now you know, folks. Prepare for rasslin’!

Robert Workman is a veteran who’s worked for many sites over the years, including GameCrate, AOL GameDaily and Segadojo. When he’s not playing video games, he’s enjoying a fine craft beer and talking about how much Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to rock. Oh, yeah, and his game shirt collection rocks.

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