3DRealms’ Bombshell DLC and Patch Released

3DRealms’ Bombshell DLC and Patch Released

Will Bombshell still tank though?

It’s hard to deny Bombshell’s critical reception across the board. With a Metascore currently at 44, the game has been called “bad, boring, and broken”┬áby Gamespot. Now, a new patch hopes to offer stability to a game that may have been released too soon, but is still gaining traction by the creators and fans.

Overall, the developers seem to be well-aware of the problems with Bombshell and acknowledge them in a mannerly way. Clearly, they’re a group that can take criticism well to perfect their craft, unlike some other developers here of late that can’t bear it any longer (Puns for days!). Among cutting back the one-liner babble the main heroine spouts, they’re also going through and balancing the game’s bosses which were either too hard or easy to exploit. Full patch notes, plus a letter from designer Fred Schreiber can be found on Steam here.


To make up for the lackluster release, Bombshell will be on sale for 33% off on all PC game outlets, plus a new DLC will be available for free. Interceptor games, the development team behind it, refused to leave their game behind, sticking to the fans support and feedback to fuel their endeavors. The DLC will be filled with retro-inspired missions that are set in a space outside of the main game.

It’s good to see that the developers didn’t leave Bombshell behind. Sure, not all games are released in perfect condition. Often times some of the best games of all time start a buggy mess. Remember when Fallout New Vegas came out? That’s not to say that developers and publishers alike shouldn’t ignore the perks of waiting to release until it’s 100% ready, but that’s another discussion entirely.

All in all, if Bombshell seems incomplete and it remains untouched, load it up again and give a try. The changes put forth may just change how it’s thought about.

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