Could We Have Another Games With Gold Leak?

Could We Have Another Games With Gold Leak?

Every month, Microsoft gives Xbox Live Gold Subscribers a few free games. (2 for Xbox 360, 2 for Xbox One) Both February and March had leaks for their first free game of the month. (Hand of Fate and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments respectively) Could April’s first game have been leaked in a similar manner?

Xbox Live Member Steve Burnley has taken a screenshot of what greeted him in the Gold Members Area. The first three games are all free with Gold, but the fourth hasn’t been mentioned at all. The title?


That’s right, Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. While I already have this game and have played a little bit, I am extremely excited because of how good the first episode was. Xbox promised us a blockbuster month with April, and this is a wonderful start if it is true.

There is no confirmation from Microsoft in regards to the picture, so it could very well be a glitch in the system that is mispricing the title. The only proof we have that it may not be a glitch is that this has happened twice before, and both games were in fact free titles the following months. In the next week, we will know all of the free titles, so hopefully this is true and we get even more! What games are you guys hoping we get next month? Let us know!

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