Axiom Verge Announced for Xbox One and Wii U

Axiom Verge Announced for Xbox One and Wii U

Axiom Verge, the Metroidvania style game by Tom Happ, is headed to Xbox One and the Nintendo eShop on Wii U in 2016.

Originally released in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PC, and OSX, this call-back to classic titles such as Metroid & Contra puts you in the shoes of Trace the scientist. Finding yourself on a hostile alien world, you have to use the power of “glitches” to “scramble enemies, corrupt environments, and enter hidden areas.”

Perhaps most fascinating is that developer Thomas Happ created the entire game by himself. Over some five-years time, he spent his free time creating a love-letter to the 16-bit era. It seems as though his time was well spent, as the game has received over “24 independent review scores of 9/10 or higher and won multiple game of the year awards.”

Last year, Axiom Verge was confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation Vita, and according to Tom Happ’s latest blog post, has recently been submitted to Sony’s certification system. Though he claims that, “this process takes some time – how long is beyond our power.”

Are you an Xbox One, Wii U, or Vita owner who has been waiting to play this game? Have you already conquered this alien world? Let us know below!

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