Battle Alien Mutants In Shattered Skies

New Survival MMO From Free Reign Coming Soon

Battle Alien Mutants In Shattered Skies

Do you enjoy games that involve destroying alien monster as well as killing all your friends in the process? If so then have we found a game that right up your alley.

After a comet crashed into a once quiet mountain getaway, a mysterious alien life form contained within the comet began to thrive on the Earth’s environment, changing the planet and mutating it’s inhabitants into monsters. As one of the few remaining survivors you must endure the battle against the enemy aliens as well as the other remaining humans to survive in this sandbox survival game.

AbandonedCity_04According to Free Reign Entertainment, Shattered Skies is the first in a triad of games set in the Rise of the Badlands game world. Each game in the series is being created to appeal to a different audience, with collectible cosmetic items that can be shared between games. There will be no micro transactions, season passes, or paid expansions. Just purchase the game and all the content will be unlocked by merely playing the game.

If that wasn’t enough to set this game apart from the typical mold of survival games, Shattered Skies also does not contain a permadeath feature. Instead, the game uses an item drop rule set that causes the contents of your backpack to become loot able upon you death. The game will also include PVP and PVE play, a rep system that allows the players to choose to be a good or bad guy, and fully customizable character cosmetic items.



If this sounds like something for you and you want in before the open beta you can purchase the game for a discounted price at Make sure to give this game a look and we will make sure to keep you posted as it gets closer to release towards the end of 2016.

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