The Bell Tolls For Thee In Paragon With New Update

The Bell Tolls For Thee In Paragon With New Update

Epic Games’ smash hit MOBA Paragon for the PC and PS4 released a new update this past Tuesday. Paragon is Epic’s third person 5v5 MOBA with high aspirations. (and a beautifully gritty art style to boot) They are holding up to their promise of new heroes every three weeks; the first one being an homage to the grim reaper himself with a giant hammer, Sevarog.

Okay, he looks straight up badass if we are going to be completely honest. With the description as being a soul-devouring Tank Jungler, you know he is going to be pretty beefy in game. Sevarog’s abilities are honestly a little OP from the looks of it. They cover most of the major points you want a character to have: a short range dash to escape or close the gap, a root to keep enemies from escaping, an AOE to take down a large group fast, and to top it all off a major knock back to help move enemies into ambush areas. You don’t have to be a genius to see how this can easily work together. (Dash to enemy, knock back to group, root enemy so friends can take down, AOE to finish them off)

Of course, this character is free as is all other players, with the ability to pay to unlock his Master Challenge. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, check this game out. It is beautiful, in early access (releases later this Summer) and seems to be a top notch game.


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