Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 Recreated in Fallout 4

Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 Recreated in Fallout 4

YouTuber UpIsNotJump has done a beat-for-beat remake of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 in Fallout 4. Using a host of mods, he was able to create, for example, Captain America’s Shield and suit, Bucky’s Cybernetic Arm, and Iron Man’s Armor. The attention to detail is astounding, even the voice syncing is spot on at points.

This is not UpIsNotJump’s first attempt at these either, as he recently remade Netflix’s Daredevil’s Season 2 Trailer in Fallout 4 as well.

Included below is the Fallout 4 remake trailer, as well as the original for your reference. Enjoy the power of the internet, my friends!



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