Catlateral Damage PS4 Code Giveaway

Catlateral Damage PS4 Code Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? Don’t lie! We all know you sitting in that chair reading this giveaway have always wanted to be a cat. Well meow you can! Wait, what do I mean by that? Let us paint an image for you. You’re in a room all by yourself. There are objects all over the room that can easily be knocked over by furry paws. There’s a time limit. Go.

Catlateral Damage gives you the opportunity to live as a cat. Not the part of a cat’s life that involves sleeping, but the one that is all about ruining their human’s lives by destroying their property. (No, I don’t have experience in this topic. I only have a perfect little Siamese cat… Yeah, no that is a lie. He’s a Hellion.) With multiple game modes, you can live out your feline fantasies without having to clean it up. (JUST LIKE CATS.)

Do you have a PlayStation 4 and would be interested in this? Good news. Right meow we are giving away two copies of this fancy feast of a game. Meow, don’t let the cat nip you in the butt, sign up for the free copies and you too can live as a free loading furball with no respect! Also, click here to see more about the title.

The giveaway is quite simple to enter. For those of you new to the site you’ll use the widget below to enter, but please note you have to do every entry for it to count. Our giveaways includes accounts to follow on social media, answering a question in the widget in our comment section below as well as extra entries to grant you a better chance at winning. Trust me when I say the question on this one is very funny and will have you surfing the internet for the best cat puns. (You must do the comment entry so please make sure you take a look and what you’ll need to do.) Now enough babbling and get on to entering this great giveaway right meow!

Catlateral Damage PS4 Code Giveaway

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