Choo, Choo! Funko Announces Hogwarts Express POP Figures

Choo, Choo! Funko Announces Hogwarts Express POP Figures

Coming in June, the lovable collectible churning machine that is POP! will be releasing the next great thing to obsess over. Behold, that is the Hogwarts Express!


Sold as three separate pieces, this locomotive piloted by the Harry Potter power trio not only holds space to put figures, but also connects together to create a full train. Yes, you read that correctly, these vehicles connect together. I don’t think it gets much better than this for POP! or Harry Potter fans.


Also coming in June are some figures from Bob’s Burgers. Among them are Beefsquatch, Teddy, and Buttloose Tina. Out of all them, Tina is the most dynamic, looking to be ready for anything from social justice to making a solid twitter post. Tina’s usual look will also be coming to the Keychain line, so you can carry her with your dirty keys, only to be ruined in a week. . . I haven’t had the best luck with POP! Keychains recently.


All of these figures broaden the POP! line and the addition of connectable vehicles is a stupendous motion to make the toys that much cooler. Come to think of it, putting Beefsquatch at the helm of the Hogwarts Express makes for an interesting mental image.

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