Fallout 5 Pre-Production Teased

Fallout 5 Pre-Production Teased

Do you remember Deacon from Fallout 4? Yeah, that sly looking Railroad companion. Well, his voice actor is causing a little bit of a¬†ruckus. (Please take what you’re about to read as a rumor. We will in turn update if false or real as soon as we can.)

Ryan Alosio, voice actor of Deacon, posted to his Instagram tonight a picture of himself and Deacon. The problem? It wasn’t Deacon. He accidentally posted a picture of Zeke of the Atom Cats. Fans were quick to point out that he posted the wrong picture, which he fixed and laughed off. A conversation ensued between him and fallout_temple ensued and Alosio let out some interesting information, but not necessarily shocking. Thanks to FragHero for the screen shots:


It is right there, folks. Pre production on FO5 is gearing up. This is honestly not shocking in the slightest, with how great Fallout 4 did this past Fall(out 4). (haha haha) Ryan Alosio quickly realized the slipup he made, and deleted the post. Shortly after, he posted this:


Interesting. Pre-production hasn’t even started, so it could be multiple years before we even hear a whisper of the next Fallout, it is still exciting though! What do you think? Are you still invested in Fallout 4? Are you excited for upcoming DLC? Or are you prepared for Fallout 5 already?


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