Firewatch Passes 500,000 Copies Sold In First Month

Firewatch Passes 500,000 Copies Sold In First Month

Developer Campo Santo’s first game, Firewatch, has sold over half-a-million copies since its initial release on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 9th, Firewatch’s publisher Panic Inc. wrote in a blog post.

They went on to further claim that even though the investment in Firewatch was “huge”, they covered the cost of development and such in just over a day.

The Fotodome feature, which allows you to take pictures inside the game and submit them to a server and receive a printed copy, is also doing well. Fotodome has seen 214,802 photos uploaded so far and sent out over 1,000 sets of photos.

Lastly, as echoed in our review, Firewatch has some performance bugs, especially on PlayStation 4. Panic Inc. reiterated the fact that they will be pushing out patches and ensuring the game continues to get support so Firewatch players will be able to experience the game as intended.

Firewatch looks to be a huge success for Campo Santo. Be sure to check out our review, which complimented the game’s visuals and writing, but noticed a few bugs, and let us know below how you felt about the game. For everything Firewatch, stay tuned to Marooners’ Rock.

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