First Dying Light Community Bounty Announced

'Buggy Frenzy' Begins This Weekend

First Dying Light Community Bounty Announced

Who’s ready to splatter some zombies for the greater good? Starting this weekend March 19th-20th Dying Light: The Following will be hosting it’s first community bounty ‘Buggy Frenzy’ and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Players from around the globe will try to collectively run over 5 million zombies with their in-game buggies. If the goal is met within 48 hours players will be rewarded handsomely with an exclusive Gold Buggy paint job for use in game. All participants will also receive a special weapon docket just for taking part in the festivities.

As an added bonus, game producer Tymon Smektala says, “We’re giving the buggy some extra hitting power during the event, so smashing zombies will be even more fun. Make sure to give it a try!”

If you are planning on joining Buggy Frenzy this weekend make sure to check out the score at The website will feature a countdown to the start of the bounty as well as a live score counter to keep a kill tally all the way to the end of the challenge. Players can participate on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so get ready to splatter some zombie skulls with some serious road rage.

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