Free Update Arriving to Super Mario Maker Today

Free Update Arriving to Super Mario Maker Today

As if Super Mario Maker for the Wii U wasn’t incredible enough, Nintendo continues to constantly update this game with new items, characters, and features.

In today’s update, the first addition is the ability to place keys and locked doors in your levels, a la Super Mario World. You can access the new items by shaking the “P-Switch” for the “Key” and the “Door” for the “Locked Door”. What is truly exciting about this news is that you can attach a key to a particular enemy, meaning you must first beat that foe to proceed with the level. Alternatively, when players shake a coin in Create Mode, a “Pink Coin” will appear. If the player finds all the “Pink Coins” in a level, a key will be rewarded to them, adding another layer of strategy and challenge to creators and players alike.

Keeping with the Super Mario World theme, a new “Skewer” obstacle has also been added to the game. By shaking the “Thwomp” item, a giant column will appear, waiting to smash any unsuspecting intruder to a created level.

If you were bored by the lack of challenge Super Mario Maker offers, then this update should catch your attention. A new “Super Expert” difficulty is being added to the 100-Mario Challenge. Courses now can attain a difficulty level of “Super Expert”, and this new category of difficulty pulls together only the most challenging for you to attempt to conquer. By completing these “Super Expert” levels, five new Mystery Mushroom costumes can be won. Also, for those of you not wanting the extra challenge, three new costumes have been added to “Normal” mode and four have been added to “Expert”. In addition, a new event course has been added, Adventures in Sarasaland, which will allow you to unlock the Daisy Costume.

Super Mario Maker

Even though this update was for Super Mario Maker, the browser-based Super Mario Maker Bookmark Website, which lets players search for levels more efficiently, now has world records showing along with each level. More bragging rights up for grabs!

Lastly, it was revealed that over 6.2 million user-created courses have been uploaded, and those have been played over 400 Million times. Super Mario Maker is here to stay, and it’s great that Nintendo is continuing to support this title, long after release.

Do these updates urge you to jump back in to Super Mario Maker? What updates/changes to the game are you waiting for? Do you have any levels you want to challenge the Marooners’ Rock community to? Share all those and more below, and stay tuned to Marooners’ Rock for the latest on Super Mario Maker and so much more!


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