Funimation Launches New Streaming Service

Funimation Launches New Streaming Service

Hello out there Anime-niacs! This week, Funimation released some exciting news! They have completely re-designed the mobile apps for their streaming platform FunimationNow. These apps are for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10 devices. Before this week, I’ve never heard of FunimationNow, but they have a new subscriber in the future.

With FunimationNow, you can get access to Funimation’s library through their apps depending on what subscription you have. There are three separate tiers:

1)      BASIC – FREE:

  • limited anime library
  • video ads

2)      SUBPASS – $4.99/month:

  • All subtitled anime including simulcasts
  • Unlimited device streaming (subtitled only)
  • Ad-free in HD

3)      ALL-ACCESS PASS – $7.99/month:

  • All subtitled anime including simulcasts
  • All English-dubbed anime
  • Unlimited device streaming (subbed and dubbed)
  • Funimation Broadcast Dubs – English-dubbed episodes of select shows that are available within weeks of the Japanese broadcast
  • Exclusive video extras
  • Ad-free in HD

Yeah, you read that right. Dub and Sub anime, ad free, in HD, for only $8 a month. That is crazy. Most streaming companies only offer a limited handful of anime at a delayed release from their overseas counterparts. Not the case. This is all Funimation has to offer at your fingertips, including but absolutely not limited to, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop and One Piece!

For more information on their services, visit What are some of your favorite anime series? I can’t wait to get back into One Piece!

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