What? Indie Game Combines Retro Schmup with Nightmares

What? Indie Game Combines Retro Schmup with Nightmares

Over the years, being that I’m constantly on the lookout for games of all sorts, I’ve seen some shit. Between Katamari Damacy‘s jolly roll about the quirkiness of Japan and the recent Sonic Dreams Collection bad-touching my brain and my childhood, there’s not much that really phases me. However, and here’s where things get creepy, this game is hitting all sorts of levels of uncanny.

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition, the twisted realization of indie developer Roland Womack and is being published by Atlus. Interestingly enough, Womack is the only developer of this retro-inspired shooter with a twist. This may be due to any support being uncomfortable and letting Womack do his thing in peace, but that’s neither here nor there. Apparently, Daydreamer is the story of Earth’s last human, being kept alive by an alien force, who then escapes with help by the Immortal Gate Keeper (that big Lovecraftian dude in the trailer). Our hero is sent on a quest to the Earth’s core. On the way, there will be tons of opposition.


Yeah, nope. Uh uh. I’m out. Can’t do it.

Super spoopy opposition. . .


What a toothy grin!

Luckily, the player will get all sorts of upgrades and pets, a typical set of abilities with surprising visuals. Bosses are sure to fill the screen and make everyone watching feel slightly off about themselves and the situation. Of course, since this is the Awakened Edition, there will be all sorts of improvements, plus a new ending.

Keep an eye out for Daydreamer: Awakened Edition on the Playstation Store on March 31st and the Xbox Store on June 3rd for a modest $9.99 USD.

Download at your own risk. The Womack and Atlus do not guarantee a good night sleep afterwards.

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