Infestation World Open Beta Begins March 28th

Infestation World Open Beta Begins March 28th

Infestation World, an upcoming free-to-play “open-world, zombie-filled sandbox with an emphasis on competitive multiplayer modes,” will have a beta for Windows PC users in advance of its global launch in April 2016. The beta will begin on Monday, March 28th, and run through Thursday, March 31st.

You can register for a chance to join the open beta by clicking here. Good to note: any progress you achieve in this open beta will be carried over to the full release of Infestation World.

In Infestation World, you can bring gear you earn from an open-world zombie setting and take it into an all-new Battle Mode. This puts two teams of survivors against each other in various game modes, such as Time Attack and Team Deathmatch.

Coming later this year, a game type called War System will be added to Infestation World. In War System, clans will have to hold central control points, much like king of the hill.

Also, if you feel you are up to it, the most elite players will be able to compete in regionals leading to the Infestation World Championships, which will take place in Thailand in Q3 of 2016. The prize pool will be funded and determined through micro-transactions made through the in-game store.

Will you sign up for the beta? Are you looking to survive another zombie apocalypse? Let us know below!


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