Looking for Phoenix Credits and Loot? The Division Has a Loot Cave!

Looking for Phoenix Credits and Loot? The Division Has a Loot Cave!

As you can clearly read the title of this page you can guess that someone has found a “Loot Cave” within The Division. While killing a named enemy can grant you good items it will also grant you Phoenix Credits and possible High-End drops. I will not confirm or deny and friends and I have already taken the time and try for high-end drops with no luck… YET!

Please note that you’ll need to be level 30 to obtain Phoenix Credits. Wondering how you get to this area? It’s quite easy and the steps are quite simple. This can be done solo or with a party, but enough of my babbling and watch the video below.

Update: Please only kill the NAMED character, killing all enemies has them all despawn. If he isn’t spawning in your game find a friend who has him still and both of you take part if needed.

Update 2: We’ve learned that you can do this in any area that may have a NAMED character to kill. Some areas may require some walking/running each time.

Update 3: Ubisoft has since updated the game and patched this exploit.

Source: Forbes

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  • FYI: Today’s patch removed this.

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