Marvel Universe is Getting a Second Civil War

Marvel Universe is Getting a Second Civil War

There’s a reason that the next big blockbuster is Captain America: Civil War. That run of comics was unique in its political portrayal of conflicting ideals with the modern anchor point of how to regulate super-powered persons. It had some of the coolest artwork to date and the story line kept readers on their toes. As any good conflict would, sometimes the wounds never full heal. Prepare for Civil War 2: Choosing Sides.

Believe that the hype is real. Being that Civil War was one of the most influential story arcs in comics, the attempt at a second one is exciting. There is something to be had with the stars being right for the first war, so if this one falls flat it will be that much more disappointing. However, a second bout with a grounded conflict is much needed in any comic book universe. We’ll see what moral dilemmas appear in the first issue that arrives this June!

Civil War 2

The pedigree on this series is sounding great as folks like Declan Shalvey, Brandon Easton, Goran Sudzuka, Chad Bowers, Chris Sims and Leonardo Romero. Featured characters for the first few issues will include Nick Fury, Damage Control, and Night Thrasher. For an in depth interview check out Marvel’s Website.

Will this set a distant stage for a sequel in the Cinematic Universe? Of course, being that Marvel has the next several years planned out, it’ll be later rather than sooner. Knowing that Marvel is making some of the most successful movies in history, the possibility still remains.

Remember, get those pre-order in at a local comic shop to jump straight into what may be an impressive story arc. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.


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