Mount Up With Gryphon Knight, Coming Soon To Consoles

Mount Up With Gryphon Knight, Coming Soon To Consoles

Gryphon Knight Epic launched back in July of 2014 as a Kickstarter project on PC. Very quickly, it captured its goal and even captured many players’ hearts. Described as “Mega Man and Gradius having a baby,” the title was greeted with many positive reviews on steam. (Currently, Gryphon Knight Epic is rocking a 9/10 on steam.) Next week, the title faces its newest adventure: The consoles.

Coming to PS4 on March 29th and Xbox One on March 30th, Gryphon Knight Epic is bringing its charm to a new audience. Gryphon Knight Epic is best described as a medieval 2D shoot’em up title that has wonderful visuals, easy gameplay and progression mechanics, and takes us to the gold age of shoot ’em ups. Game Designer of Gryphon Knight Epic Sandro Tomasetti had this to say:

“We are happy to launch GKE on consoles! It has been 6 months of polishing and fixing the game using input from reviewers, gamer community and play testers. We are confident that this version fixed all flaws present at the day of PC launch.”

I have to say, it is nice when developers take note of what’s broken, and fix it before moving on. I really like this, and they get more respect from me, instead of rushing to make more money. The title will have 8 levels, challenging bosses, multiple skills and weapons, hidden items, and wonderful dialogue.

Be sure to pick up Gryphon Knight Epic when it comes out next week for only $9.90.

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