Need For Speed PC Trial Available Today

Origin Access members will be able to play Need For Speed for 10 hours today, 1 week before it's March 15th release date

Need For Speed PC Trial Available Today

Starting today, Origin Access members will be able to download and play every game mode available in the new Need For Speed title that released last November on Xbox One and PS4. New features included in the PC release include an unlocked frame rate with 4K resolution, manual transmission, and steering wheel support for a selection of steering wheels. It will also contain all the improvements EA has made to Need for Speed since the November console launch including the Icons and Legends updates from day one, with the Showcase and Hot Rods updates scheduled to arrive shortly after launch.

I’ve played this game on console quite a bit and I was very impressed with the look and feel of the game as a whole.  The story is pretty basic as you and your new crew try to race your way to the top of the street racing scene in Ventura Bay but I found the characters in the cut scenes to be pretty entertaining for the most part. The story held my interests enough to keep me playing through the main campaign but fans of the franchise will probably be more drawn to the racing and the cars than the cut scenes and story. It is definitely worth a try if you have ever been a fan of the franchise or are looking for a new racing game to take out for a spin. Need For Speed offers plenty of challenges and side quests to keep you busy for hours and the multiplayer challenges are a lot of fun as well.

If Need For Speed’s PC release peaks your interests you can check it out on Origin Access for $4.99 a month. In addition to being able to play EA games first for a limited amount of time, subscribers also get access to the EA vault which will allow them to play a selection of full EA titles for as long as they would like.  Members also receive a 10% discount on all Origin purchases. So be sure to check out Need For Speed on PC before it’s release next week.

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