Newest High-End Loot Farm Discovered in Tom Clancy’s The Division

Newest High-End Loot Farm Discovered in Tom Clancy’s The Division

While Loot Farms or Loot Caves are quickly discovered and removed by the developer, they are a boon to any who are lucky enough to find them while they last. Tom Clancy’s The Division players have already discovered two such Loot Farms, The Bullet King and Hutch, and now there is a third.

In the Level 30 daily mission, Russian Consulate, if you get three other Level 30 agents to join you, your whole team will be treated to an unlimited amount of high-end gear by following specific steps.

How do you acquire that gear? Well, my friends, thanks to MarcoStyle,, and the WebJunkiesBlog, the steps to acquire all this sweet, sweet loot is right here, in video and text form;


As was stated before, this exploit is located on the Russian Consulate daily mission.


You must have four players in your party, all of which are Level 30 and equipped with some pretty high-end gear, running on Challenge Mode. These enemies are no joke and will test even the most battle-hardened Division agents.

The Method (Courtesy of WebJunkiesBlog)

Step 1: Like what you normally does in the mission, you just go straight forward and kill all the enemies until you get to the final area just before you head outside. It is located right after you walk up stair wherein you’ll encounter three shotgunners and two snipers. Simply take them out! However, you need to be inside of the building and make sure that you do not step outside. If you go outside of the building more enemies will spawn and the whole thing will not work anymore so be careful here.

Step 2: Once the area is cleared out, split your team into two: One guy needs to stay in this room while the remaining players in the squad walk all the way back to the beginning of the mission. Once they get to the entrance they basically wanna take a right and then take another right to loop  around the building. You may come across some enemies here, no big deal just take them out and you probably see where I’m going with this but the players wanna walk up to the end of the street until they arrive  Murray Hill’s gate.

Step 3: On the gate is usually where the mission will end. Now two out of the three guys need to setup their mobile cover. Preferably, you wanna equip the one with the extension mod and you want place this at a 90 degree angle at the gate. If place correctly like in this video, you should be able to walk up to the cover and use it to go through the gate allowing you to break into the mission. However, because your one teammate is still inside the building the enemies haven’t spawn yet. Feel free to walk up to the helicopter and look around a bit. Just make sure you don’t walk inside the garden as that will trigger the enemies respawn and that will mess it up. Now once your inside the mission, get another teammate to also go into the mission using the same shield and then make him throw another shield at the other gate. This is so that you have one shield to get into the mission and one shield for leaving the mission. Once done correctly, you are now ready to start farming purple and yellow gears!

Step 4: From this moment on all three players needs to be standing outside of the mission then the player who has been waiting inside of the building the whole time needs to run up the garden stairs and basically rush towards the gate. Obviously this will trigger the enemies respawn and they do a lot of damage so just make sure to use your first aid and med kit ready and try to have atleast 70k or 80k health as that works the best. If you do happen to get shut down consistently before you can get to the gate,it might be a good idea for your teammates to equip a sticky bomb or flashbang throw it at the enemies as soon as they spawn to disorient them and you will be able to get through with more ease.

Step 5: Once the one player arrives at the gate he needs to use the second shield to glitch himself out and now, all four members of the squad are outside of the mission but the enemies are still inside. The first next thing to do is to kill hornet (the final boss). Upon death, this guy will drop four items all of those are gonna be at least purple and sometimes one of them is gonna be a yellow gear as well. You just basically wanna focus on him and pretty much wanna ignore the rest.

Step 6: Upon Hornet’s death, one of the guys outside needs to get right next to the gate and kill himself using grenades or wait until the enemies shoot him down. It’s very important that you do this right next to the gate because if you do it outside of the gate, then the game doesn’t know that you’re still doing the mission. Also, when the player dies make sure that the rest of the team is a little bit further away from the gate. It doesn’t have to be that far just make sure that you’re out of the mission area that you can see on the mini map.

Step 7: If done correctly, the game will see it as a mission failure because the only one that is inside the mission has died and the mission will reset itself. It will respawn the guy who died next to the gate back in the mission, the enemies will be reset and from this moment on, you probably guess it, it is rinse and repeat. The one guy runs over the the gate as fast as possible, he glitches himself through, after killing hornet, the one person goes close to the gate, and kill himself and the mission resets itself and every time that you kill hornet, he drops at least four purples and within no time, you will have everything that you’re looking for.

How to Successfully Loot:

Step 1: Now if you have done this five to six times already, it is time to collect and the way you do this is very simple. The one guy that is inside the mission simply waits with running and the other three guys use the first shield to get back into the mission. They simply pick everything up and they get back out.

Step 2: After they are finish The one guy inside the mission simply runs up, uses his survival link and collects everything in the area before walking up to the gate. Now if you do not have the survival link there’s another thing you can do. You can simply walk up to the gate, kill hornet like you normally would but this time, another guys walks up to the gate and dies. You can basically switch roles whenever you want. Whoever dies at the gate, that guy will spawn inside of the mission.

After that, just rinse and repeat the whole process until you get everything you need! Now, the key to this farming method is a lot of coordination from members. So it is wise to choose members that you play all the time or friends to do this exploit. Good luck and Happy looting guys!

Now before you leave, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

– Sometimes, few of the level 28 last man battalion guards will spawn outside of the gate which are not part of the mission. They are simply patrolling enemies and they are quite easy to take down but don’t let them catch you off guard.

– Also if more than one person dies in the gate by accident, it’s no big deal as well. as long as you have one person remains outside of the gate and safe you can always fast travel to him before walking up the guards up stairs. Just make sure you setup the two mobile cover again before the last person starts this run.

– If you wanna be really hardcore about it and planning to do this for six to eight hours straight or longer, it might also be worth noting that you can shoot holes in the wall of the left side of the gate.this will make it easier to snipe down hornet as usually he will try to hide behind cover and this way you’ll have more angles to shoot from. It takes about 10 minutes to tear this wall apart but it can really help you in the long run.

– Make sure that you get a good scavenging level. Remember that you’ll be facing a level 32 named enemy and high end drop rates and incredibly high here. You can turn your scavenging into 144% to get even higher loot or should I say more yellow gears (you can get classic M1a sniper).

Have you found this exploit? Have you reaped the benefits before Ubisoft inevitably patches it out? Good Luck out there, Agents, you’ll need it!

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    Shame on you, why use exploit?

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        • This happens with most games. Person A finds exploit, world finds out, everyone does it, companies patch it, repeat.

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            Everyone does it, so I will too . . . Not a good reason for me

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