NightCry (Project Scissors) Coming Soon to PC

NightCry (Project Scissors) Coming Soon to PC

There were plenty of classic horror games on the PSOne, especially after the first Resident Evil, which debuted twenty years ago. After that monumental game, developers played around with the formula Capcom established. This created some interesting titles with varying degrees of success. One of the fairly obscure games from that era was the Clock Tower series, a set of games that had the player running from a deranged man with a massive pair of shears.

Now Clock Tower is getting a spiritual successor with NightCry.

Directed by Hifumi Kono, who worked on the original Clock Tower, and his team of veterans is looking to bring the fear felt from the scissor walker all those years ago into the modern era. Gameplay will be in the Point and Click style, meaning its akin to the recent Until Dawn or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Judging from the trailer, it definitely looks creepy enough. What will make or break this game will undoubtedly be its use of tension. Hiding from the enemies could lead to some excellent moments.


Players will be playing as one of three playable characters, with an intertwining story based on decisions. There are multiple story branches, meaning replay-ability is fairly high, as well as the game having several endings. Gameplay will take place in two different modes. Exploration Mode lets players look for clues in an oppressive environment. If the Scissor Walker appears, Escape Mode will trigger, in which players will have to do everything they can to get away. Running too much will drain stamina, leaving the character open for a haircut of sorts.

NightCry is coming to PC on March 29th.

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