Pokkén Tournament Hands-On Preview

Pokkén Tournament Hands-On Preview

For a few days now I’ve put in a lot of time on the upcoming release Pokkén Tournament for the Wii U. This ranges from online battles, friends coming over to play as well as Erin joining me in local multiplayer battles. While I’d go on with a nice introduction in most of my content I’ll be getting straight to the point with this hands-on preview. Now enough of my intro babbling and enjoy.

For those of you who have hidden under a rock lately, the game Pokkén Tournament was announced in 2015 by Nintendo. Of course the internet and Pokémon fans went crazy on this news. Fast forward to 2016 and the release is close to us. What is Pokkén Tournament? Pokkén Tournament was developed with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., who are the producers of one of the top fighting games many fighting fans know. We normally know this game series as Tekken, which I still play till this day. I will state now that whether you’re an adult or younger there is no need to turn away from a Pokémon game like this. I know many adults whom still play Pokémon till this day and who hasn’t played Pokémon Stadium. No I’m not saying Pokkén Tournament is just like it, but fighting games are fighting games, right? This includes the style Pokémon Stadium had and the Tekken style Pokkén Tournament has. While I have played some of the story, single-player and some online multiplayer I’m still putting in the time with the game.

The story so far I can say I’m enjoying and looking forward to beating the game itself, but as for my final thoughts on this area you’ll see in my future review. I’ve had many users ask what do the Amiibos do, what are the support characters, what fighters are in the game as well as what things can be unlocked? While I do enjoy getting all these questions and would like to answer them I’ve yet to unlock every single thing within Pokkén Tournament at this time. Normally my previews do go on for a bit, but I’ve provided a video for all of you reading so you may see the game in action and have your questions answered if you have any. If the video doesn’t answer a question you happen to have by all means ask away and I’ll try to answer in the comments below. For the time being this video provided below is my live stream on Twitch.TV where Nintendo has allowed members of the press to stream 30 minutes of the game. Yes, it’s a bit over, but that’s due to the start of the stream and some talking near the end of course.

At this time I’ve yet to beat the full game of Pokkén Tournament, but you can expect a lot more time to be put into the game itself. You can keep your eyes glued to Marooners’ Rock for when our review goes live. For the time being enjoy this video above and we’ll be looking forward to answering the questions we can and to provide our final thoughts in a review.

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