Rumor: Gamespot Just Revealed Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Rumor: Gamespot Just Revealed Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Yes. Is the answer, presumed. Gamespot just released a video on YouTube for a news update that states that FFXV will be releasing for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th. Very quickly, they changed the video to private. But let’s be honest, nothing on the internet is ever private if it’s been public.

Screenshots have been captured with the banner stating the release date over a video of gameplay. However, keep in mind that this is a rumor since no statement has been revealed. We may find more out later this evening. Tonight is Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, which is an event that will be revealing a lot of big news, which was including the release date (THANKS A LOT GAMESPOT <3) and many more details. The event takes place tonight at 10:00 PM EST in California.

Since it is rumored that the demo will be released soon after the event, it would not surprise me one bit if it goes live at some point during the event. Just kidding. Gamespot¬†also released that a new demo featuring young Noctis will be available today, unlocking an exclusive summon upon completion for the full game. It’s just like Christmas! Keep back here for more news as we get it

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