Samorost 3 Launches on PC and Mac

Samorost 3 Launches on PC and Mac

Amanita Design, the same folks behind the gem of a puzzle game Machinarium, is bringing their unique game design to their newest title Samarost 3. This is the third entry in the series of point and click adventure games, the first of which is available online. The series, as well as the studio, is known for it vibrant, off-putting visuals used in situations that truly makes their players think outside the box.

Samarost 3 takes pages out of Machinarium as well as Botanicula to be a more relaxed game that becomes almost meditative at times. It looks to be a combination of Oddworld and Alice in Wonderland, riding the line of the uncanny, but still grounding concepts in its world building. The game is available now for 19.99 USD on  Steam,, Humble Store, the Mac App Store, and the game’s official website. A Cosmic Edition, which has the soundtrack and digital art book for an extra five bucks. IOS and Android are expected to see the game on their markets later this year.

Samarost 3, while strange, does seem like a wonderful experience. I’ve never really been into point and click puzzle games, but with a style this different, I’d be willing to push through to see it all. Samarost 3 looks to be a delightful experience. Might be worthwhile to check out the rest of the series as well.

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