Steal with Friends! Thieves Guild DLC for ESO Available Now

Steal with Friends! Thieves Guild DLC for ESO Available Now

Elder Scrolls Online continues their expansion of Tamriel with the newest expansion, focusing on the Thieves Guild. PC and Mac players can now travel to Abah’s Landing to help restore the titular guild, all while battling the oppressive Iron Wheel mercenary group. Xbox players will be able to join the cause on March 22nd, while PS4 heroes can expand their horizons on March 23rd.

What new features await in southern Hammerfell? Highlights include Heist quests that focus on stealing and being as thiefy as a thief can be. These quests fit for hooligans will be supplemented by new skills to craft the ultimate thief, maybe even better than Lupin III. Of course, as with most expansions, there will be plenty of new items to collect using the Guild’s themes and beyond. There will also be some high-level ┬ácontent to challenge skilled players in the Maw of Lorkhaj, a twelve player trial.

For more information, check out the Elder Scrolls Online website.

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